What is external SEO (off page SEO)?

external SEO

External SEO ( off page SEO ) is one of the many specializations of a SEO Expert dubai who must be fully proficient in this part of SEO.

Currently, internet businesses are growing and developing and trying to surpass their competitors one after another and be the leader of their industry. One of the issues that makes a business superior to other businesses is external SEO (off page SEO).

If you can work on your site’s off page SEO, you can be sure that very soon the number of visitors to your site will increase and the sales of your business will increase.

In this article, we will talk about the concept of external SEO (off page SEO) and the factors affecting it. If you want to follow external SEO (off page SEO) factors for your internet business, follow us until the end of this article.

In today’s world, SEO is the lifeblood of internet businesses, because if an online business ignores the issue of SEO, it will not have a place in search engines and as a result, it will not be able to attract new audiences to its products and services. In fact, without SEO, the sale of a business will be questioned. In the article What is SEO, we introduced three important steps, which include On Page SEO, external SEO, and technical SEO, and in this article, we examine external SEO, which is one of the most important and vital steps of website SEO, and if it is not done seriously, engines may Search, do not care about your site and do not pay attention to it.

In this article, we decide to talk about external SEO or off page SEO. If you also have an internet business and want to see your website pages among the best Google search results, follow us until the end of this article. Be sure that by reading this article, you will be aware of the latest and most efficient external SEO techniques.

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off page SEO

What is off page SEO?

off page SEO, is a set of actions that take place outside the website and affect the ranking of your site’s pages in search engine results. Various factors and factors affect off page SEO and if these factors are followed correctly and intelligently, you can be sure that it will help your site to rank in search engines. Of course, when you are working on the off page SEO of your site, you should not neglect the internal SEO; Because without internal SEO, no action will be successful.

What is the difference between on page SEO and off page SEO?

As the name of these two stages of site SEO shows, one of the stages is done inside and the other outside the site. In the following, we will provide better and more complete explanations regarding on page and off page SEO:

  • Internal SEO (on page SEO): This part of SEO takes place inside the site, and internal SEO means optimizing things inside the website. Keyword optimization and internal linking are among the actions that are carried out in the internal SEO process. By doing this, you can rank in search engines, especially Google, with the target keyword. From this definition, we can understand that the internal SEO control is completely in the hands of the internet business owner.
  • External SEO (off page SEO): This part of SEO is done outside the site and includes activities such as social media marketing and influencer marketing. In fact, we use these methods to build external links for our site and improve our site’s ranking in search engines. With these actions, the credibility of our site increases greatly. Of course, note that external SEO is out of the control of the internet business owner; Because these things are done completely outside the site.

The most important difference between internal and external SEO is that Google uses internal SEO to evaluate site pages and then rank them. Meanwhile, by using external SEO, it measures the credibility of the site’s pages. Therefore, both SEO methods complement each other and improve the ranking and credibility of the site pages with the help of each other. Therefore, you should be sensitive to both methods and do them in the best possible way.

benefits of off page seo

In general, the impact of SEO on online business cannot be ignored. Also, off page SEO has various advantages for websites and internet businesses. In the continuation of this part of the article, we decide to discuss some of the most important benefits of off page SEO for online businesses:

Improving site ranking in search engines

What is the goal of internet business managers and owners of SEO? Why is SEO so important to them? In response to these questions, it should be said that SEO makes our site recognized by search engines, especially Google, as valid and valuable. When search engines find our site valuable, they will pay attention to it, and the result of this attention will be our site being placed in the best search results. Therefore, if you want to see your site pages among the best Google search results, take SEO seriously, especially off page SEO.

Increase site traffic

When the page rank of our site improves in search engines, especially Google, more users will definitely enter our site and thus the traffic of our site will increase significantly. The more the number of users entering our site increases, the more likely they are to buy from our site, and as a result, the sales of our business will increase.

Login of different media users to our site

When we work on our site’s internal SEO, we are actually focusing on pleasing the search engines and trying to attract a lot of users from the search engines. Meanwhile, when we try to work on off page SEO, we focus on different media such as social media, popular sites, etc. As a result, we can attract audience from different spaces.

Increasing the credit of the site and the possibility of earning money from this credit

Another important benefit of working on off page SEO is that it increases the credibility of our site. When the credibility of our site increases, Google trusts us much more easily and places our site pages among its best search results. On the other hand, when other advertising specialists and internet businesses see that our site’s credibility is high, they request us to publish their advertisements on our site and pay us a fee for publishing their advertisements. When this is done, significant revenue will flow into our business.


Effective factors in off page SEO

Various SEO specialists and experts offer different solutions and tools for off page SEO of the site. In this part of the article, we decide to point out the most important and main factors that have an impact on off page SEO.

The number of domains that have linked to your site

One of the most important factors that affect your site’s off page SEO is the number of domains that link to your site. It is very important that different sites link to your site. When the number of domains increases, Google will conclude that your content and site have high credibility and can recommend your content to potential audience. This is because some internet businesses publish ad reports on different sites and try to get links to their site from many domains.

The number of pages that have linked to your site

Another important and valuable factor that affects the off page SEO of your site is the number of pages that have linked to your site, which is also called backlinks. It is true that the number of domains that have linked to your site is important, but the number of pages is also important and should be paid attention to. Suppose a domain links to your site only on one of its pages. How different is it from a domain that links to your site on six of its pages? Definitely, the more pages that link to you, the more authoritative your pages and domain will be, and Google will trust you more.

The rank of the pages that have linked to your site

Undoubtedly, all pages that link to your site are not equal. Their credibility, value and ranking in Google and other search engines are definitely different. The better the ranking of the pages that have linked to you, the more valuable Google will be for the links that they have given you and believes that your site is so valuable and reliable that reputable sites are willing to link to your site in their own content.

So if you want to gain Google’s trust very quickly and improve your site’s page rank in search engines, try to build links on sites that have excellent page rank. The better the ranking of these pages, the faster your site will grow and rank in Google.

The relevance of the pages that have linked to your site

Another factor that contributes to the success of your site’s off page SEO strategy is getting backlinks from pages that are related to your site’s page title. If the topic of the page you want to get a backlink from is related to the topic of your site page, Google and other search engines will value this link more.

Valid domains have linked to your site

Another factor that affects the off page SEO of your site is the credibility of the domains that have linked to your site. The better and higher the credibility of domains (Domain Authority) that have linked to your site, definitely Google will give more credibility to your site’s domain and attach more value and importance to it. So when you want to publish an ad report, try to go for sites that have high domain authority.

Get links from the main page of the sites that have linked to you

SEO specialists and experts believe that the links we get from the home page of the sites are much more valuable than the links we get from other pages of the sites. These links have higher power and Google gives them more importance.

The number of Nofollow and Dofollow links

Before we want to check this issue, we need to get familiar with the concept of follow and no follow links. When you are creating content on your site, you add a series of internal and external links to your content. A series of these links are Dofollow; In the sense that you also value their content. By default, all links are follow and Google crawlers track these links.

Now, if you add an internal or external link to your content and consider a nofollow tag for this link, Google will no longer track and follow it, and that is why these links are called nofollow. Now let’s go back to the discussion of off page SEO and see what effect the follow and no-follow links have on the off page SEO of the site. Google has officially announced that it does not consider no-follow links and does not count them as external links. Therefore, for the off page SEO of your site, you can only open an account on follow links.

Variety of link types

Another point to consider is to try to get different backlinks from different sites. Suppose you ask different sites to link to only one page of your site and ignore other pages of your site. what is happening Definitely, Google considers this type of link building unnatural and does not value it much.

Links that are in the body of the content

Content and SEO specialists and experts believe that it is better to create external links in the body and inside the content. Links that are not in the text of the content and are somehow made outside the text and body of the content, are less valuable than links that are in the body of the content.

Anchor text link

Another important point to consider for link building is link anchor text. You should try to use the landing page keyword in the anchor text. If you are not careful in choosing the anchor text, you may have a negative impact on your site’s ranking.

What does off page SEO include

What does off page SEO include?

Now that we have learned about the benefits and factors affecting off page SEO, it is time to introduce 15 different techniques for brand growth and increasing the number of Google entries. If these techniques are used correctly, the number of visitors to your site will increase dramatically over time.

1. link building

Link building is one of the main factors in any strategy to improve off page SEO. However, you need to know exactly how to use it as an off-pitch SEO tactic. One of the main goals of link building is to increase business credibility. When you receive a link from a high-reputation site, your site’s credibility is also increased. With these interpretations, your main goal should be to get quality links from other reputable sites. Note that in this context, quality is always more important than quantity.

2. Branding

Brands and their activities have always been of interest to Google. Branding should not only be part of your marketing and SEO strategy, but also part of your approach to off page SEO. To be successful in this field, you still need to work on domain authority and find different ways to raise it. But what does branding have to do with SEO strategy and what factors will contribute to your success?

Brand search

One of the most important indicators is the increase in the search for your brand by users; This can include searching for your brand name, products, or even your domain. To find out how much your brand has been searched by users over time, you can use various tools such as SEMRUSH and Google Trends.

Brand SERP results page

This is actually the page that will be displayed when someone searches for your brand name. What is displayed on this page is the view that Google has of your brand. Therefore, you should always focus on evaluating and optimizing this section.

3. Content marketing

Some think that content marketing or content marketing is only related to the SEO of that page and your website. But if we want to have a more general view, we can say that publishing a good content on the site is only part of this approach and all the content you publish anywhere on the web also includes content marketing. This means that if you write a guest post on another site or get a backlink from a reputable site with the help of an infographic, you have actually done content marketing.

Content marketing is a great opportunity to create engaging and engaging content to improve off page SEO that will cause other sites or people to share it or link to that content page. The following are some of the most common content marketing tactics:

  • Blog posts
  • Infographics
  • Surveys or research
  • Electronic books

4. PR content

PR content or so-called “public relations”, which is usually related to news or events related to brands, is an excellent technique for link building and increasing domain authority on a very high scale. If you can formulate your PR strategy in the best possible way, you may also get backlinks from other sources or related sites. In addition to helping link building and off page SEO, PR content can have other benefits:

  • Increases brand awareness and credibility of the brand’s search engine results page.
  • It puts your business in front of your target audience and gets them talking about you.
  • It causes an increase in traffic.
  • Your cause is recognized as a leader in the business and ultimately increases your credibility.

5. Local SEO

Although local SEO is a completely separate topic, some of its elements can be used as part of tactics related to off page SEO.

Google My Business

Research shows that 46% of Google searches are for local business information. This means that if you don’t optimize your website to show up among local businesses, you’re missing out on a lot of potential customers. In addition, this work itself is also a part of off page SEO.


A quote is a reference to your business, address, phone number or even your brand online and it is necessary that the information you put online is completely correct.

6. Social signal

Being on social networks cannot directly affect your ranking, but they are a platform for you and your business to be seen better. Many users who want to connect with a brand, first of all go to social networks to get more information. With these interpretations, it is very important to have a strong presence in these networks and look at them as a channel to introduce and promote your brand. Likes, comments, sharing of your content and any other interaction that users have with your content on social networks will earn social signals.

7. Internet forums

Although internet forums and forums have been used badly for link building in recent years, we still introduce presence in this space as an off page SEO tactic. Of course, the approach we have for you is completely different; Instead of looking at online forums as just an opportunity to build links, try to talk about your product or service with your audience and potential customers who are active in related forums and introduce yourself as an expert in your field. In this way, forums can help a lot in building links and brand awareness in addition to creating a sense of trust.

8. Influencer Marketing

Working with influencers on various social networks such as YouTube, Instagram and Tik Tok is one of the best ways to increase brand awareness and introduce you to the audience. If you are looking to get backlinks using influencer marketing, make sure all of them are new followers; Links to sponsored content are against Google guidelines. It is better to remind this principle again: off page SEO does not only mean building links and getting backlinks; Instead, opportunities can be used to better connect with your audience and potential customers.

9. Online events and webinars

Holding events and webinars is one of the best off page SEO tactics and doing it can help a lot with your branding. Although it takes a lot of effort to put together a good webinar, if done right, nothing can help you brand and promote your business better than webinars and online events. If your webinar is successful, people and the media will talk about you, and this provides a great opportunity to get backlinks.

10. Guest post

Guest posting is one of the popular and very good link building techniques that can drive targeted traffic to your website. For this, it is enough to write a valuable article for the audience of that site on another person’s website and receive a link in return. Your main goal of posting guest posts should be to connect with new audiences and get traffic from related websites and finally branding; If done right, you can find new customers in addition to links.


11. Podcast

Podcasts are so popular these days, and if you’re not using them as a practical tactic to improve your external SEO, you’re missing a huge branding opportunity. Fortunately or unfortunately, many businesses have not yet come to the podcasting side, and this means that many people have a great opportunity to build links and improve off page SEO.

Online reviews

12. Online reviews

Did you know that 93% of people say that the opinions of Internet users influence their decision to buy? Using online reviews is one of the best and most effective off page SEO tactics that unfortunately many people underestimate. Contrary to what many people think, Google uses online reviews and user comments to validate brands; An event that ultimately leads to increasing the credibility of the domain.

A business that can receive positive feedback on social networks, third-party platforms, and various websites has established its position as a brand, and in addition to receiving backlinks, it can also increase website traffic and user-to-customer conversion rates.

Content republishing

13. Content republishing

Many times, instead of creating content themselves, different websites republish valuable content from other sites; Yahoo is one of the biggest platforms that usually republish content from other reputable sources. But how can such work be part of off page SEO tactics?

As an SEO tactic, users can republish their articles and content on other sites and in return, give a link to the original content to avoid duplication of content. Google even suggests that you ask that source or site to use the noindex tag in the republished article. By doing this, your content will be in front of a larger audience and your website will also receive backlinks.

Online Directories

14. Online Directories

Another old technique to improve off page SEO is to register the site address in online directories; This method helps a lot to get high-quality backlinks. Of course, it will take some time to get new audience and traffic from those sites, but this method will pay off in the long run.


15. Advertisement reportage

Publishing an ad report on other sites is one of the oldest and best link building and off page SEO improvement techniques that, if done correctly, always pays off. Advertisement reporting can have a purpose other than introducing services or products and can be done only to get backlinks from a site with a higher reputation. However, if you want to get the best results, it is better to publish your content on a site with a related topic so that the audience of that site will be encouraged to read other articles on your site or even buy your products and services.


What is external SEO (off page SEO)?

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